Jugoslawien und der Balkan - eine verlorene Chance?

The Hoax that Continues a War. by Julia Gorin. We are still in the midst of the 10-year anniversary of our NATO attack on Serbia on behalf of bin Laden-trained/financed KLA terrorists, to help steal Serbian land because Albanians reached a majority in part of that country. The 1999 bombing lasted from March 24 to June 10, a symbolic and historic day for Albanian supremacism. If Americans deign to recall, the “trigger” event that was used to touch off the NATO assault (which was already being planned for a year at that point), was something called “the Racak Massacre.

Gudrun Eussner: Eine Erinnerung aus Anlaß der Inhaftierung von Radovan Karadzic. -
Jugoslawien. Kurt Köpruner: Reisen in das Land der Kriege.
Rezension vom November 2002

Kosovo anerkennen? (FAZ, 22.7.07).

What really happened in Bosnia?
Historical and Investigative Research, revised 19 Aug 2005
by Francisco Gil-White

The past - the long and agonizing process of Christian annihilation by the laws of jihad and dhimmitude - is a taboo history, not only in Islamic lands, but above all in the West. It has been buried beneath a myth, fabricated by Western politicians, religious leaders and scholars, in order to promote their own national, strategic, economic and personal interests.... Ottoman rule was brandished as the most suitable regime to rule Christians of the Balkans.  This theory was advanced by European politicians in order to safeguard the balance of power in Europe, and in order to block the Russian advance towards the Mediterranean. To justify the maintenance of the Turkish yoke on the Slavs, this yoke had to be presented to the public opinion as a just government. The Ottoman Empire was painted by Turkophiles as a model for a multi-ethnical, multi-religious empire. Of course, the reality was totally different!  In the Serbian regions, the most fanatical opponents of Christian emancipation were the Muslims Bosniacs. They fought against the right of Christians to possess lands, and - in legal matters - to have rights equal to theirs.....  The 1992 UN decision to recognize a "multi-ethnic", "multi-religious", Muslim state in the former Yugoslavia appears to have been a compensation offered to the Islamic world for the devastating 1991 Gulf War. The destruction of Iraq's nuclear, chemical and bacteriological arsenal, as well as its economic infrastructure, appears to be "equitably" counterbalanced by NATO's massive bombing of the Bosnian Serbs, even though the two situations cannot be compared.