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The Korean War: 60 years later
by Wayne Price (anarkismo.net)
With the end of the World War, hundreds of “people’s committees” were formed throughout Korea. Most were leftist and nationalist, composed of local activists, but not dominated by the Communists (Workers Party). These began to create a unified government.

CHOLLIMA KOREA. An Inside View of Totalitarianism and Leader Cult. By Horst Kurnitzky
Chollima Korea Chapter 2: The Leader

Korea - Krieg: Die Massaker der USA und des US-Vasallen Syngman Rhee

Five Major North Korean Prison Camps - the unknown GULAG (WP). North Korea has operated political prison camps for more than 50 years, twice as long as the Gulag in the former Soviet Union. People suspected of opposing the government are forced to do slave labor in the camps, which hold an estimated 200,000 prisoners. North Korea's government says the camps don't exist, but high-resolution satellite images show otherwise.

Protests mark Suu Kyi's birthday (BBC, Friday, 19 June 2009).

Unruhen in Xinjiang legen Schwäche des chinesischen Staates bloß (John Chan, wsws, 15.7.09).
Rebeer Kadeer
Adrian Morgan: Uighur Unrest In China - What is Going On? (07/09/09)


Justin Raimondo (June 08, 2009): What really happened at Tiananmen Square in 1989.

"Der stille Amerikaner" - "The Quiet American" 
Vietnam-Film nach Roman von Graham Greene ein Jahr verspätet angelaufen: Miramax has agreed to a limited opening of "The Quiet American" in the United States (By Brett Dakin
Tuesday, November 12, 2002, in Washington Post)
: Ein Tiger im Sprung
(Spiegel-online, 18.11.02, 47/2002)