Kissinger: Ein anderer 68er

Kissingers Kriegstreiberei begann 1968  (Christopher Hitchens)

Kissinger - the war criminal (by Christopher Hitchens)

The Case Against Henry Kissinger (Hitchens in Harper's Magazine)

Part 1(February 2001) and Part 2 (March 2001)

The Hitchens Web (or click here!)

Henry: Portrait of a serial killer (panel by Harper's Magazine)

Der Fall Kissinger (WDR)

Henry Kissinger: War Criminal or Old-Fashioned Murderer? (tgardnet)

Kissinger responsible for genocide in East Timor? (etan.org)

KISSINGER WATCH (icai - international campaign against impunity)

Fragging Bob: Bob Kerrey, CIA War Crimes,
And The Need For A War Crimes Trial
by Douglas Valentine in Counterpunch

Bob Kerrey's My Lai: An Awful Night in Thang Phong (New York Times Magazine)

Bob Kerrey and Gerhard Klann interviewed by CBS 60 Minutes II

Thang Phong revisited (Washington Post)

The SEAL's denial (Washington Post)

John Kerry: We wired genitals ... (Washington Post)

The Guilt of Political Leaders (NYT)

Vietnam's response: Kerrey should take actions to contribute to healing the wounds of war in Vietnam

Geplanter Vietnam-Rückzug: Ursache für Kennedys Ermordung

Daniel Ellsberg: Secrets (1st chapter): Gulf of Tonkin Affair

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