Olympia 2008: Gold-Medaille für Frauenfeindlichkeit -
 Gold Medal for Mysogyny

Women (not allowed) in the Olympics | July 29th, 2008

Ali Al-Ahmed (IHT, May 19, 2008): ISLAM AND THE OLYMPICS:
Bar countries that ban women athletes!
Countries with men-only Olympic teams include Brunei, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. According to their respective governments, women are barred from Olympic participation for "cultural and religious reasons." For some countries, women's clothing mandated by the conservative interpretation of religion precludes their participation in most sports - for instance, Iran's female Olympians were limited to pistol- and rifle-shooting at the Barcelona, Sydney and Athens Olympics. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are legally banned from participating in any sports activity (though unofficial women’s basketball leagues are thriving). This doesn’t sit well with local women athletes. "We want to reach Olympic levels," explains Shatha Bakhsh, a member of the unlicensed Jeddah United basketball team. “We have a lot of potential, but not the chance to show it.” Her teammate, Lina al-Maeena, agrees: “When parents say that sports is sinful for girls, it really upsets me, because they're depriving their daughters of something that's very good for them.”
Iranian women are limited to sports that can comply with the country’s legal dress codes, so diving, cycling, and beach volleyball (among others) are effectively off-limits. Only three women are on the Iranian Olympic team, competing in rowing, archery, and tae kwon do. But even these athletes have to be careful not to reveal any skin by accident: Iranian rower Ramoneh Lazar was recently expelled from the national team after her ankles were seen inside her boat during a competition in Bangkok. (Crime-Report).